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Visit us at the Beauty Spot, Burleigh Waters. The Beauty Spot is a place of total beautification, where professional personal service has been perfected, with advances being made continually within the industry. Salon owner Deb Labes puts education first committing the business to the highest standard possible so that we can give our clients the best in technology and equipment that the world has to offer. Have you ever heard of a "Hot Micro" The Beauty Spot Hot Micro dermabrasion is done with RF (radio frequencies) which heats up the skin cell to induce collagen production. It also uses LED (Light Emitting Diodes) which speed up the cellular activity and healing. This treatment is great for gravitational changes and an excellent tool in anti-aging. Remember "all day, every day, no matter what... You look beautiful." .


Intraceuticals it's in the skin



 Introducing The Blood Facial – Collagen Induction Therapy

The derma pen for advanced micro skin needling; Experience the future of facial with a super charged anti aging treatment. CIT Therapy is a unique way of delivering serums, vitamins and anti oxidants  into the skin.

Enjoy this amazing break through  Now only $220.00 normally $295.00 including the ultimate collagen Lip plumping mask.