Medical grade crystal and diamond micro dermabrasion

This non-surgical skin-refinishing procedure is done by using sterile micro-crystals and crushed diamond tips to gently exfoliate or rub off the top layer, then vacuum out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin cells. Excellent for black heads and millia. With prescribed treatments accompanied with specific skin care these treatments can penetrate through the top layer and reach the dermis level, helping to replenish natural nutrients,  restore cell activity and promogravitational changesin health.

The Mini Micro
Includes double cleanse, Mini Peel,  crushed diamond tip exfoliation, vacuum and treatment creams. This treatment leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh


40 min.

The Deluxe 2 in 1 Micro Dermabrasion
Includes double cleanse Mini Peel, 2 in 1 micro, vitamins, anti oxidants prescribed treatment mask and protective creams. A deluxe Micro Dermabrasion is the best way to give yourself beautiful new skin, its very long lasting and really makes your skin come alive


60 min.

Have you ever tried a “Hot Micro” this treatment is great for gravitational changes! 

“The Beauty Spot Hot Micro” is done with RF (radio frequencies) and LED (light emitting diodes) the RF heat up the skin cells in induce collagen production meaning its great for gravitational changes.

The LED speeds up the cellular activity and promotes healing = a powerful anti ageing tool

Mini Rejuvenating light therapy (LED)
This treatment is at the for front of technology the blue light emitting diodes sooth and heal perfect for acne or rosace while the red light emitting diodes stimulates your collagen and improves your skin tone put with a treatment mask that has been prescribed for your skin type this non invasive treatment will leave you fresh and revitalized.


30 min.

Deluxe Photo Rejuvenation with Light Emitting Diodes.
The ulitmate non- invasive treatment which speeds up recovery and benifits of prescribed skin treatments to suit your own indivadual needs. Includes a double cleanse exfoliation, vitamins and anti oxidants with a treatment mask that has been prescribed for your skin type, this is a non invasive treatment and will leave you feel alive and revitalized.


60 min.

The Beauty Spot Hot Micro
The Hot Micro is done with RF (Radio Frequencies) and LED (Light Emitting Diodes) the RF heats up the skin cell which induces collagen production, meaning its great for gravitational changes.This new advancement is skin rejuvenation creates microscopic channels with radio frequency, (heat is directed to tiny matrix spots).The LED speeds up the cellular activity and promotes healing. This treatment stimulates collagen production for the improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scaring and skin tones. This is a very strong procedure during treatment many people feel a warm, and prickly sensation as energy enters the dermis. The unique technology gives it the ability to target the area around the eyes, improving fine lines, wrinkles and gravitional changes.


60 min.