Skincare & Facial

The beauty spot – Skin Care expierence should leave you looking and feeling beautiful we strive to give you that agless, confident and natural glow that is so important to the health of your skin. Before your facial, we’ll diagnose your exact skin condition and prescribe your result driven treatment.

Mini Rejuvenating light facial
Perfect for that quick time out leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.Includes double cleanse,  Duel treatment mask, light therapy to suite your skin type


30 mins

Vita Max
Antioxidants Vitamin A and E in a synergistic formulation that rejuvenates, Vit B a potent cell communicating actives to improve skin cell function and tone. It helps to increase hydration and promote an even complexion and Vit C aids collagen synthesis and improves skin tone and radiance.


30 mins

Deep Cleanse
This deep cleansing, anti-bacterial treatment helps clear problematic skin, the double exfoliation, refines and brightens the skins apparance


45 mins

Signature Facial & Massage
To start with enjoy a back massage targets built up tension in the back, neck, scalp and shoulders and the relax into luxury of a facial tailored especially yo make your skin fell delicious. includes eyes, lip nexk and decollete.


75 mins

Deluxe Rejuvenating Light Facial
Photo Rejuvenation is the science of skin specialists everywhere perfect for sensitive skin types or acne and any uderlying red problems, with two wave lengths of light it has the ability to ward off UV damage, tighten lax skin and reduce the appearance of discolouration. Includes double cleanse  dual treament mask anti aaging serums and treatment creams


60 mins

Professional peeling
Revive peel, Renew peel, Restore  peel and the Reveal peel: Suitable to all skin types includes double cleanse, professional peeling to suite your skin type, exfolate off , skin recovery mask with 420nm light emmitting diodes,  vitamin serums and treatment cream.


60 mins

The Beauty Spot Oxygen Infusion Facial
Get younger, smoother and brighter skin…without the use of needles! Used by celebrities and available to youAn Oxygen Infusion is a unique – soothing, relaxing and suitable for all skin types. In just one soothing treatment your skin will look younger, brighter, more luminous. Uneven skin tone is balanced, skin looks and feels hydrated, rejuvenated, radiant and fresh.


60 mins

Introducing our New Voltic Plasma Treatment

Skin tightening, Upper eyelid tightening, Lower eyelid tightening. Permanent makeup removal, Crow's feet attenuation, Brown spots removal,
Smoker lines attenuation

This is skin tightening using voltaic arcing, also referred to as PLASMA, it will produce mild appreciable cumulative improvements in the appearance of fine lines and also reduces the appearance of sagging skin.

Eyelid tightening using plasma is the new frontier in aesthetics. This type of localized skin tightening has been extensively performed on both upper and lower eyelid. Voltaic Plasma is a revolutionary innovation in aesthetic which allow our therapist to achieve outstanding results.

Non sugicial eyelid tightening now available. *Suitable for under and on the eyelids
*Includes full facial
*Minimal down time
*Smoothes and tightening
*targets crows feet and loose skin
*Non invasive
ONLY $180