Treatment: Lip Care
Thank you for saving my lips i had a problem for over a week and nothing was helping, until you suggested i try your Vitamin Ointment. It literally fixed it overnight and i've been using it ever since thank you so much.
11th October 07 -Sarah S


Treatment: vacuum Pulse Ultrasound Therapy Treatment Fantastic treatment
Big difference afterwards. Can walk again! Had bad shin splits and very tight thighs can now walk better. Cellulite is much improved would love to do another course. Better than anything else i have had.
19th December 07 - Karen H


Treatment: Vacuum Pulse Ultrasound Therapy Treatment
Results are great for skin tone, favourite is the infrared sauna, lost inches and skin looks and feels firmer.
21st December 07 - Tiffany P


Treatment: Vacuum Pulse Ultrasound Therapy Treatment
After trying numerous cellulite treatments with out any success, I started the Vacuum Pulse Treatment being the biggest sceptic. I wanted this treatment to give me results and IT DID! My skin feels smoother, the cellulite on my buttocks and thighs has been dramatically reduced and i just feel so much healthier. I think this treatment is awesome, I love it and would recommend it to any one wanting results! Thanks.
12th January 08 - Julie H


Dear Deb, Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you very much for my beautiful, semi permanent eye brows and eyeliner makeup you did today, I am so pleased. You were very professional and I must say that you did a brilliant job at making me feel comfortable, and the whole thing as painless as possible, the finished product is so natural and very perfect. I would truly recommend you to any one that is thinking of getting this done. It is such a great saving on makeup and great when you do a lot of swimming, also when you get older like me your eye sight fails.
30th December 2009 - Jenni A


I have only got good things to say about Deb and her Wonderful Technology.It's Awsum.I went to Deb with an Ugly Burn on my Arm from Hot Water....Now after 3 sessions It looks so Good.I do not even have to cover up and if that's not all I have even grown hairs back on my Arm.I will always be so grateful to you for the way that you have Improved my arm.I would once not go any where without it covered up.But not anymore.See you tomorrow for another Treatment Deb.You Go Deb my Wonder woman.
19th July 2011 - Cheryl Davis

Hi Deb, I was asked the other day if I got a facelift, other than that no one else has noticed lol. Well Deb my double chin has gone, my baggy eyes are not so baggy thank you.

29th January 2014 - Cheryl