5 Simple Steps to Draw Your Brows Like a Pro
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Cosmetic Tattoo &
Brow Feathering

Imagine having artistically drawn on eyebrows and waking up like that every day, this technique is called micro-blading or feather touch brows. Perfect for rebuilding your natural brow and done in a way that the individual hair strokes blend so well, you cant tell which is a natural hair or one that has been placed in by hand.
The beauty spot – Skin Care expierence should leave you looking and feeling beautiful we strive to give you that agless, confident and natural glow that is so important to the health of your skin.
Brows Lashes & Make-up

Brows Lashes & Make-up. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then lashes make the perfect curtin. With the latest lashes in stock you can choose from one to one technique of individual lashes or Volume lashes, this is the latest technique with between 200 to 400

HIFU Face Lifting Treatments

HIFU Body Slimming and Tightening uses Ultrasound waves to permanently get rid of the fat cells in the selected problem area of the body. 


Artistically Drawn Eyebrows

Cosmetic Tattoo for Lips

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5 Simple Steps to Draw Your Brows Like a Pro